#TimesUpHancock: Time's Up 2018 Governor John Hickenlooper It's Not My Job

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Time's-Up-Hancock - #TimeUpHancock -- "Denver Mayor Michael Hanock2019", and Mayor City and County of Denver;  "Governor John Hickenlooper says ... Governor of Colorado Front Runner "It's Not My Job" ... "It's Not My Job to say whether or not, it is, times up, for Michael Hancock in March 2018"." Times Up Hancock says Denver Voters' to Mayor of Denver.WH is #MeToo movement is here … DENCO! What is the"Me Too Movement"? What is it #MeToo helping women? Are they true nonpartisan? Will it be the #TimeUpHancock in 2018?

According to Lisa Calderon, Colorado Latino Forum; wants Denver Mayor Michael Hancock to resign, and an investigation by the City council special prosecutor??? Into text messages sent by the Mayor of Denver Michael Hancock, to Leslie Branch Wise’s who in 2012, when the texting started. Leslie Branch Wise was in the Security Detail to protect the Mayor. And Leslie Branch Wise’s boss, and the Mayor of the City and County of Denver, Colorado 80202”."also the rally held on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, location was the City and county of Denver Building.

The “Time’s Up Michael Hancock” is not going to happen. What most experts say, but these experts are also imbedded within the city and county of Denver. And they are all making a dollar somewhere. By playing it off, as just flirting. Are You an idiot??? Or do you think the entire city and county of Denver. Or any company looking to invest in Denver. Do they really want to get involved with a Mayor, who is a married man. And the boss, of a women detective, hired to protect the mayor. And she is being flirted with. And it does look like she was commenting back. It takes I to text, it takes 1 to react. It takes 2, to continue the good, bad, or indifference when not responding back.

What about Michael Hancock Wife and Children. Flirting, and commenting on the beauty of a women, or compliment on her dress. Should be allowed. Do you know what it cost for the “Salad, Pawns and Claws??? Then you have their clothes, their shoes, and their perfume. That is a lot of money every day to look good, smell good, act good. A Women needs to be told, she looks good. It makes her feel good.

It makes me feel good, when a women says something nice to me. It does not make you feel good to hear a compliment? 

Then we all go back to work. 

Time is Up Hancock. What does Voters want #TimesUpHancock. On Wednesday, March 7, 2018. One day after the Democratic Caucus and the Republican Caucuses; where held on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. What does Mayor Michael Hancock have to do to please #MeToo. And is #MeToo or “Me Too” and the fight for women, and men who are being sexually harassment on their jobs. And women are even calling out those drunks, at the night clubs, when women say no ... to their drunk obnoxious, sexual harassment and some assaults. With security nowhere to be found. And when these women call for help. The response is look at what you are wearing.??? WTF! Believe it or not. Drunk women can be even worse. But men don’t say anything. Why?  Because how stupid does that sound. If you’re a man, turning down the Sexual Harassentt of women. #TapTheVote - Marcus Giavanni