Calm Before Storm: GP7A News ... Breaking, Marcus Giavanni's The Calm Before The Storm 2018. Cripict messages to the will of President Donald Trump in 2017

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GP7A News: The Calm Before The Storm Marcus Giavanni will President Donald Trump announcement 2017. 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections November 3, 2020. Ask Google to save tjhis date in your calendar. Don't be afraid to use Google. Ask Google for everything. It will save you lots of time, and lots of money. 

Before we indulge the analitcs into "The Calm Before The Storm" comment made by Presdient Donald Trump, GP7A NEws: 

Message to Mark Cuban:
The worst thing, you could have ever done. Was make a world announcement of a half-assed consideration to be a candidate for
President of the Unite States of America 2020. Mark Cuban, two-days into the worse mass shooting, in United States of America. And you and your Fake Bia Media Hounds, who once again exposed themselves, as to the true intent of these media outlets, and their support of Mark Cuban for President in 2020 Resistors of Trump. Whilst, Mark Cuban beating up on our President during a time of morning, and still the height of the investigation. Into the Las Vegas Massacre 10/1/2017 GP7A News.

When the smoke clears, and the investigation ends; whilst, the battle of gun control, moves to the forefront of social issues for the do-nothing congress, and house, plays suppression of democracy, by the city they are elected. What on 10/3/17 Mark Cuban Rallied, Fake, Bias, Media; a Half Assed announcement of consideration, to run for President of the United States of America in 2020. Mark Cuban, been yacking, I can beat any candidate, he does not run, they do.

Mark Cuban the Master of Words in the pollical arena, where his money, can’t buy, my vote. 2015 Mark Cuban, Polls for President, Polls are wrong! 100% Verified. Support of Mark Cuban the Mast of Words, and No actions when it comes to running For President. Publicity Hound, selling cups and tea shirts. And he doesn’t even know, if ... Mark Cuban, is Running for President 2020, doesn’t even know what party to run under, first clue, he has no clue.

We don’t need, no thought control ... We don't need no ...Monday night Quarterbacking, still too basketball Mr. Cuban! Dallas
needs to win a Ring, not get dragged down, on your fantasy to be President since 2014, and beyond. The Billionair syndrome of self endulgance and never having enough. Why, Mark Cuabn like everyone else, dies , taking nothing with them. Period!

Mark Cuban candidate hound, or sincere candidate for President of the United States. When I see how everyone is treating our President, and the disrespect they have for the office, and the will do everything in their power to make sure our President Donald J. Trump. Is defeated within, anytime, before the next election, would suit them all just fine. As A Voter … I saw my president go to every disaster, hospital, thanking the first responders, and the donating money from Presidents Trump pay check, every payday. And donating more money, to the victims of the disasters. And people being mean, and judgmental to the classiest woman, followed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

The mean things people said, and continue to say about MRS. Obama, and her children watched it all unfold. What goes around
comes around, folks. One way or another, it’s gonna get you, it’s gonna find you. And when it does! It still won’t hit you! Yea, Cuban, in my neighborhood your brand of Bullshit wouldn’t have lasted for a minute. BELIEVE ME! If you feel froggy, let’s do an exhibition, MMA style exhibition, raise money for the Victims of Las Vegas, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico. I will even let you pull my hair! – Marcus Giavanni

Ge back in your BOX, Dude! No body, likes resistors, to make himself look better ... LMFAO!

Master of Actions, Trumps, Mark Cuban The Master of Words ... How long you been talking about running for President .. Donald Trump Did it, and 3% GDP ... and United States is getting Better. American’s will no longer anyone disrespect the Office of the President of the United States of America. Period! For years Mark Cuban has beat up on anyone less fortunate, and more fortunate. Mark Cuban Belittles our President. And as he picks a chose the same old resistor media spewing fake news and bias news (As Professional Journalism), which is the medias right, to broadcast post, and content they wish, whether we like it or not.

Go start you own, FCC regulated broadcaster license … and then pay all that money. Then have someone tell you want you can and can't broadcast. And for right now that authority rides with the FCC Federal Communication Corporation (FCC) Wiki. The problem nobody who is not paying attention or they live simpleton lives and only vote because of party affiliation. This type of election is out ... Post 2016 Presidential Elections The United States Voters are sick and tired of the current political; agenda, and lack thereof getting anything g done. but getting raises, vacations, traveling, and playing ping pong with the minds of the Voters who are trying to understand?

Why they are sticking up for the Party they are affiliated with paying millions to candidates, who are just running for legacy purposes. Most candidates/politicians, are Masters of Talk. Getting very little done, to nothing at. Whistle bullying our president who is getting things done. 2016 Candidate Donald J. Trump was the Master of Talk Now, 2017 President Donald J. Trump is the Master of Actions. Those like wanna be Mark Cubans who think like billionaires being beaten by poor bastards like Marcus Giavanni

... and the silent majority the Media built ... and the media don't even know it. Well some in the media know it. And when the Content Switch is Flipped on type sensitive content, being automatedly upload. Americans need to know. They must protect themselves. If we lived in wild west days ... none of this would be happening. Oh, don't get me wrong, there would always be thugs, bastards, and thieves supported by the habitual offender of filing false charges and complaints is your enemy.

When in fact, accusers are the actual perpetrators. I refues to be, I’m talking100% Google Verified Facts!

Fighter ...
For All Citizens ! 

Marcus Giavanni
Worldwide SEO and SMO Guru

News, #tapthevote.

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