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Victor Mitchell: Loses to Walker stapleton Primary Winner CO Gov 2018 – News Walker Stapleton Wins Primary against Victor Mitchell Favorite 

2018 Primaries – Walker Stapleton – Colorado Treasure landslide winner beats, Victor Mitchell. On Tuesday June 26, 2018 the Republican Primaries featuring Victor Mitchell against New Favorite Walker Stapleton. How did Walker Stapleton pull off the 2018 Primary win in the Gubernatorial Primary elections in Colorado? The GOP Scott Walker will be the Next Governor of Colorado in 2018.

When you understand Google analytics, and the conversations be spoken. Before a Google search of a category or subject matter. It’s easy to see, who are the winners and losers. And it’s not what you think.

Early on when all the candidate were making their names known. The battle was between establishment candidate Walker Stapleton (235,478), Victor Mitchel (148.651), Greg Lopez 65,030, Doug Robinson (44,286) –

Walker Stapleton is the current Colorado State Treasure, and part of the GOP establishment  candidate, and picking up on the popularity of our current President Donald J. Trump. Whilst the other GOP candidate hopefuls; Victor Mitchel, Greg Lopez, Doug Robinson.

 Victor Mitchell imploded on Colorado Primary election night on, Tuesday, June 26, 2018. This proves my messaging got to many voters, who decided to sit this Primary Election Out. And it proves Mayor Michal Hancock as reached his Peak Leadership. And the monopoly the democratic party has over the city and county of Denver since 1963. And then you have 10-year record high Violent crimes. And you have #TimesUpHancok, and the Mayor’s son rant against a police officer. And Many other hidden actions, and conversation, that have been indexed since 2011. And it’s only going to get worse. For the Democratic Party, and their rain of power going south faster a goose flying south for the winter. And all of Denver Parks have enough Goose poopy to track into our lungs, house, and kill our pets! Will finally be addressed.

Colorado’s Lt Governor Donna Lynne, and her boss Governor John Hickenlooper and the $700,000,000 deficit, and this deficit matches Denver’s Short falls over the last 7 years. Not to mention over the last few weeks. The back conversation being indexed took a turn for the worse. When Governor Hickenlooper established the Colorado Blockchain Technology Council. Governor Hickenlooper did not have the authority in Blockchain development design, or even project manager, or certification. To hand pick a 13-member Council for the Advance of Blockchain Technology. The next Governor better replace the majority of this bogus, unqualified council.

Over the years, I have personally contacted John Hickenlooper Office, to tell him about Google, and Being a Google Governor. And about Blockchain Technology. Only to be ignored, and my ideas where stolen, and then revised. And pushed out as if Governor Hickenlooper was the Blockchain Governor, when in fact Governor Hickenlooper has reached his Peak Leadership, and whatever chances Gov Hickenlooper though he had to be the next president of the United Sates in 2020. Went up in Dank Smoke for sure. Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jared Polis will not be able to beat Walker Stapleton the GOP Primary Winner for the Colorado 2018 Primaries.

What about the Independent Votes. As an Independent Voter. I did not Vote in the Colorado Primaries, even though Independent Voters could Vote in Colorado Primaries. They made it, so we had to choose between Democrat or Republican. And being a true Independent I like some Democrat, and some Republicans, but was forced to pick one or the other. That’s not Independent if the system is making me chose partisan.

When Independents should be able to Vote Democrat and Republican in the Colorado Primaries. We get to Vote in November. To choose any candidate we want. Now that’s Democracy. Therefore, Independents did not show up to Vote, when we receive two ballots, and was told to pick only one. They forced Independents to make partisan choice. That will go on their voting record scrolls. I don’t mind, but I’m not going to choose on party over the other, when I vote for the right person, not right Party affiliation. And when you think of Credibility, Relevance, and the Wisdom to have known better. It was better for me, not to Vote in the Primary elections. I will not lose my credulity, relevance and the Wisdom to know not to Vote their way. Independently speaking of course.

Therefore, Colorado is waking up to the new conversation of Jared Polis being the Democratic Primary winner on Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Jared Polis is wrong Choice. And it will be the Independents who will be the winning factor of the Colorado Gubernatorial Elections.

For it did not really matter who would have been elected in the Colorado Governor’s Primary. And the fact, Jared Polis would be the first Gay Governor of Colorado. Will not be enough to win the General election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 for the next Governor of Colorado in 2018.