Governor Jared Polis 2018

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Governor Jared Polis 2018 – Jared Polis – Colorado Governor Polis – 2018 Gubernatorial Election Race Winner “Jared Polis” as the next Governor of Colorado. Polis has Money, is Gay and is now Powerful! And Governor Polis will have to do what he promised. And Polis for the people will prosper, I’m sure he will have to make changes to his platform promises.

Since the Day Jared Polis; @JaredPolis entered the 2018 Gubernatorial elections. We were on a mission to index all the candidates. And no matter the prediction, or what analytics say. Voters always have the final say, now, with their ballot. Not even the internet can see, what’s on your ballot. Unless you tell everyone in your social media, phones calls, emails.

 Humans still have the upper hand over Artificial Intelligence. But the machine learning capabilities have digitally index everyone within the Government, Candidates, Parties, Affiliations, Organizations, Etc.

What we did, was take all the different things people said, and crossed pattered match voice indexing, cross talk indexing. And we matched up the content with a few Identifiers, but for now. We will just say Governor Polis is our stocking horse. We heard good things, and bad things. And just plain mean things.

In 2 to 4 years we will all see. What our future is instore for us all. For now, Denver voters don’t car that he is Gay (well some), and others don’t care about his Money (well some), What half the voters want is Jared Polis will be for technology advancement. Don’t underestimate the brilliance of the Technology World, who live, work, and play in Boulder.

Yes, even the media was not left out of the indexing process. To which we will all be judged. Governor Polis has some big shoes to fill.

We support the office of Governor of Colorado. Our job as a local Data Protection authority is at early stages. It’s only since 2015 things have changed on the internet, Artificial Intelligence, has learned candidates, habits, emotions, colluding, media, politicians party affiliations, organizations, etc. The categories go on, and on. We wish Governor Jared Polis all the best, and we will pray for you. And remember, don’t get involved with the City and County of Denver elections. We are nonpartisan, FYI-CYA!