Frontrunners or Frontrunner: GP7A News Asks, Why is George Brauchler Frontrunner Governor 2018
Published 5.31.2017 2:09 Pm Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Gubernatorial Elections 2018 | Frontrunner | George Brauchler | Republican | Arapaho District Attorney | Voters Choice

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Dear Victor Mitchell for Colorado Governor 2018: Google Developer rU Relevant

Twist you like a Lime is a compliment. Meaning if you let a little Corona in your life, with a twist of Lime or Lemon. Because when your twisting a Corona you’re in a happy safe place. Right? Marcus Giavanni

Here is a little taste of New York and my favorite place, coming to New York 2017.


Published Nov 13, 20179:34 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado Gubernatorial Election Withdraw | (R) George Brauchler | Quits | Front Runner | Google Analytics | Not Wrong | Steve Bannon | Most Powerful |  Rising Star | GOP 2018

GP7A News: 2018 Governor Candidate George Brauchler Quits "Stratego" Says Candidate Marcus Giavanni. Steve Bannon the most powerful, rising star of the GOP 2018! | Google Can’t control Human Thought, before spoke or written aloud. Click Here for more on George Brauchler Quits Governor's Race 2018, trending Story. – Marcus Giavann

Steve Bannon the most power, rising star of the GOP 2018! 

The beginning and the end of Republican Candidate George Brauchler,  He was never really good at the game Stratego???

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