GP7A News: Cary Kennedy the Wrong Choice for Governor of Colorado Here’s Why

Published 5.5.2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | 2018 |Gubernatorial Election Information | Democrat Candidate | Cary Kennedy | Michael Hancock | Conspiracy 2018????

GP7A News: Who is running for 2018 Candidate Cary Kennedy for Governor. Voters who know, know Cary Kennedy is the Wrong Choice for Governor of Colorado, and here’s why. The word is, secretly the 75,000 Voters who held their coronation for their Mayor Hancock. Are supporting Cary Kennedy. For thenit will be a full Public Relation battle for Mayor Michael B. Hancock for michael Hancock's 3rd term. And final term.  

Are you kidding, the silent word is,Mayor Michael Hancock is OUT!  GP7A News: Trending news in tight circles, who, Cary Kennedy, Michael Hancock right hand gal. Or vice mayor for the city and county of Denver. Whilst, also wearing the hat of Chief Financial Officer, working for Mayor Michael Hancock. When the Mayor appointed Cary Kennedy to keep the books straight for Denver.  

Some Voters want the next mayor of Denver. To call in BDO. (Full audit). People Who Know, Know, BDO. These audits will be conducted by special prosecutors in 2019. Wait folks, it gets better, Cary Kennedy; one of Mayor Michael Hancock’s Ex-employee, becomes Governor in 2018. LMAO!  The shell Game unravels, just like the house of Cards Denver built. They can't read code. They can plagiarize it. But it won’t save them. From 2019!  NO WAY, FOLKS, SAVE YOUR MONEY. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN . 

This story continues, what does Cary Kennedy do now. Some say, Cary Kennedy, Now, owns and advertising Public Relations firm. One of her clients, the city and county of Denver, Colorado 80202. Voters’…outside Denver. Can you see the pattern. My computer algorithms do. My question as a voter. Why did we need Michael Hancock. Cary Kennedy was the competent. Just, like her announcement to run for governor of Colorado. While driving her car. Here spoke person Serena Woods, Hilltop Public Solutions, 1776 Platte St.  Denver, CO 80202, she was only 300 yards from her house. That’s a length of 3 football field pay area.  

Oh, but they had people monitoring the traffic…LMAO!   The Spin it Masters, Colorado Voters, are no longerstupid. Especially, the other 1,000,000 voters, who said no in 2104. They are going to say no to Democrats. Because of the 12 years in power. Don't let any of these expert fools you. Keep talking. Colorado Voters Grow! 

The real story is the shell game, of Power. And the antics they are going to use. Like, first women candidate, the GOP are racists, and don’t want you get health care. Clean your eye balls... They don’t want immigrant. The same old song and dance we have heard from this party for the last 12 years…NEXT!  

Cary Kennedy. Will use Federal social issues, to frighten, scare, manipulate and suppress democracy in the state of Colorado. Just as they did when they elected Mayor Michael Hancock for his 2nd term coronation style of his elections win. Which everyone knows know was bullsh*t!  

I have done the Google Advance algorithm Search. And Cary Kennedy will not be Governor of Colorado. Period. All eyes are on Ed Perlmutter. Period. Democrats should save their Money. Let the candidates battle it out the old fashion way. Knock on doors, walk the streets! For you will all learn that all the money in the World will not elect a Democrat  as our next 2018 Governor. Period!  2018governor2018.com BOOM BABY. Are You Listing to Us! 

 Hell Yea...! Shhh...se on November 7, 2018. Let’s take Colorado in a different direction, before the mobs take over. And the establishment, hides. Until the Aftermath. - Marcus Giavanni

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GP7A News: Who, Cary Kennedy, What, Candidate, Governor, When, November 6, 2017

Published 5.5.2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | 2018 |Colorado Gubernatorial Election Democrat Candidate | Cary Kennedy | Michael Hancock |  3rd Term

GP7A News: What candidate "Cary Kennedy", 2018 Candidate For Governor of Colorado, Who Cary Kennedy, and when is the "2018 Race for Colorado Governo". Election day is November 6, 2018, knowing it a would be, a Tuesday. Does Gubernatorial know Candidate Cary Kennedy, know Marcus Giavanni, Cary Kennedy does now! Voters' open your eyes to Governor race in 2018." Did you know, bsed on advanced Google Alorithms. Cary Kennedy is "The Wrong Choice for Governor of Colorado", Here’s Why. Published 5.5.2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | 2018 |Colorado Gubernatorial Election Democrat Candidate | Cary Kennedy | Michael Hancock | conspiracy 2018"." The word is, secretly the 75,000 Voters who held their coronation for their Mayor Michael Hancock 2019. But 320,000 Future Denver voters have had enough of the last 12 years. time for power to the people. Holding politicians accountable for the last 12 years. Actual since 1963. Wake Up Voters”.” Did you hear by Marcus Giavanni about #Tapthevote, or Tap the Vote, at the Denver Auditorium.

GP7A News: Who, What,How ... KDVR News: By GP7A News ... What the hell, driving while making annoucment, to run for Governor. No wonder Denver has had a Deficit of #100,000,000 million a year. Since 2011, thanks Cary Kennedy must know Scott Cardenas, CIO, and Chris Todd, CTO. The Oracle Fines in Denver. What the Hell ...Therefore, she is dangerous. And those who support her…hmm?? See the pattern. Google does, and back ground conversations, verify it. -Marcus Giavanni

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GP7A News: Frontrunner Republican George Brauchler and Democrat Ed Perlmutter

Published May 17, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni For Mayor of Denver | Gubernatorial Election 2018 | Frontrunners | Candidates 

GP7A News : 2017 News in Colorado by "GP7A News and Colorado Gubernatorial Race http://2018Governor2018.com GOV When, Election ... Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Termed Out by Marcus Giavanni"." Gubernatorial, Colorado, Frontrunners, Front-runner, Frontrunner Governor"." The next Colorado candidates are the forerunners, for sure. Who are the forerunner candidates .. we have "Colorado Republican Candidate George Brauchler". Democratic Candidate Senator "Ed Perlmutter". These two candidates, battling, for current 12 year stagnant, and budget short falls. And cuts to hospitals, as well as other infrastructure. but they all managed to get a raise. Some Voters are very, very, very ... pissed off. I wish all Candidates Google luck. And God speed. When ... News Governor Frontrunners George Brauchler (R) Ed Perlmutter (D).

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