Indictment 2017: Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Robert Mueller, SP, Special Prosecutor Indicts

Indictment 2017: Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Robert Mueller, SP, Special Prosecutor GP7A News

Published Oct 30, 2017 6:13 AM By Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | United States News | SP Robert Mueller |Indictments | Says Turn Yourselves In | Paul Manafort | Rick Gates | October 30, 2017 

GP7A News: Breaking news, and the future osf the "Indictment Paul Manafort and Rick Gates by Marcus Giavanni"." "Google Books Marcus Giavanni: " Nelson vs The United States of America; A System in Denial A Book for the World for the 21st Century"." I know more than the experts who can just talk, about what they know. If When I'm Mayor I'm not going focus on the who did what and when. I think We All have had enough of that BS"." "Are you looking for what the hell is really going on? Do you know how, Google Analytics Predicts, who will change Journalism. Marcus Giavanni, see, Tip of the Iceberg Future Peep of the Future  (Jump-to-query) - a candidate for the People.

Trust Google, and never worry again, who will represent the VOTERS! Those who say your vote don't count' you are 100% correct. And those Voters they are counting. Are those who want to fundamentally change the United States of America. 

GO VOTE for it will be the nonvoters, and complainers, and those politicians, looking for dirty, fake, bias, news about the other. I have prepared myself for 7 years. I'm ready for anything, and everything you all going to throw at me. Then my Authority will really kick in! To my silent supports, do your homework on me. don't believe the fake, bias, and resistors wanting our cities and counties to be social driven societies drive on increasing the poor, meek, and the needy. In 100 years, at this rate we will be called CHINA, Russia, Dubai? 

George Poulopoulos: was indicted privately and pleaded guilty to charges, and there could be other shows to drop. and the Manafort Documents, don't mention one word about President Donald Trump. Actually, The DNC Hillary Clinton, and 2 Podesta's, a couple of wieners. Prayers to our President Donald Trump, who just doesn't seem to get. The resistors are circling our President. And the entire world is watching us implode, and being taken over by those who have suppressed, and created this social dilemma to which we all, now live. I Love my country, I came to battle, and We came to WIN!"." Why becuse We can! #TaptheVoteMarcus Giavanni


Published Oct 30, 2017 6:13 AM By Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | United States News | SP Robert Mueller | Indictments |

Says Turn Yourselves In. Arrst warants issued for Paul Manafort and  Rick Gates  for immediate arrest. October 30, 2017