GOV John Hickenlooper - Hickenlooper Blockchain - - Who, Governor John Hickenlooper, Governor Hickenlooper on June 18, 2018 established the "Council for the Advance of Blockchain Technology" though it’s a great start, but Colorado needs an A-Team. Not a team that is pushed by local media. As to who they (Current Establishment), think are the leaders in Blockchain Technology. And they are close but no cigar.

Although, Governor Hickenlooper, is for the Advanced of his, “Council for the Advance of Blockchain Technology”. These, folks are dinosaurs, with very little Google Credibility, Relevance, Wisdom, to have known better. Eric s #1. Who Marcus Giavanni, the owner. What, SMO Worldwide finding #Blockchain, knowing #denver, learning @denverteachers, #timesuphancock. – GP7A News

Hickenlooper Blockchain: Governor John Hickenlooper's Council wll not Advanced Blockchain Technology for Colorado - GP7A News

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1. Erik Voorhees

2. Sasha Shtern

3. Paul Quigley

4. Blake Samuel Cohen

5. Hannah Parsons

6. Paul Foley

7. Sen. Stephen Fenberg

8. Tracy Ann Kraft-Tharp

9. Stephanie Copeland

11. Lang Sias (Would Make a great Lt Governor, Lang Sias would keep Walker Stapleton straight). 

12. John Tate

13. Sumana Nallapati

GOV John Hickenlooper Blockchain Technology Governor. Who, John Hickenlooper the Governor 2018. For the Advanced on the Council of the Advance of Blockchain Technology. Who Marcus Giavanni, What, SMO Worldwide, finding #Blockchain, knowing #denver, learning @denverteachers, #timesuphancock. – GP7A News

The above list of individuals, private, and public officials. Is the manual pattern matching that Artificial Intelligent, and what Machine Learning is all about. Google Image Search is the current conversations, experience, credibility, relevance, and the wisdom, needed to be listed on top browsers searches.

Another words, those who think, just because someone with authority; termed you as the leader of let’s say Blockchain Technology, and yet there is proof, they are not. They, and now, spiders, and crawlers, are looking for the Google+ Truth Algorithms, and Knowledge Based-Trust content.