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GP7A News: Trending, Independents/Unaffiliated Vote in Colorado Primary Elections, and the Independents/Unaffiliated still don't have to donate.  This new law of Independents/Unaffiliated being able to vote in all primaries, for all Colorado elections. Did you know that Independents/Unaffiliated do not carry the current negative, hate, resist, and destroy property parties. These haters, are in every affiliation. They have, by choice, taken the negative, and destructive way to communicate, their frustrations, and angry out on everyone.  It's what they do, baby!

Recent conversations, and nonpartisan news; showing that Independents/Unaffiliated, stay at home, and don't get involved, with the social distortion, and destruction of Private, and Public property, building, and protester pouring urine. On our law enforcement. (Those people need a rubber bullet in the *ss! )

Due to the Candidate Donald J. Trump syndrome, started post 2016 Presidential Elections. show is going to tip the scales of We are not Campaign Finance: GP7A News, Co Campaign Finance Laws, Donors, Who, Candidate Startup Running for, Office, city, count, state elections. For example. Governor Front Runner 2018.

 Did you here? Colorado Campaign Finance Laws, Donors, Candidate Start up. Help and information to those who want to run for Mayor, Auditor, Clerk and Recorder, City Council At-large, and City Council candidates 2018, 2019, 2020. We will help ALL CANDIDATES, Independents/Unaffiliated, Nonpartisan, and Partisan affiliations. If you want to run for office, we can help you with the entire election process.

Wanted, Colorado elections, Citizen candidates wanting to run for office, start an initiative. Or get involved with campaigns. That fit your political desire. To run for the Office of Mayor, Auditor, Clerk and Recorder, office of City Council At-large, and City Council. For city, state, federal representation.

 – Marcus Giavanni

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