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GP7A News:  When is the "Governor 2018 Election", who are the candidates running for Governor 2018 GOV News Trending and knowing your candidates for 2018 Governor". Who governor, what governor, when governor do something. What will happen in 2018, and where is the Governor Colorado Race headed, when is the election.

The election will be held 11.06.2018, but first you must vote the Primary Election is in June 2018. This will be kept quiet until the last moment. Then, you will miss it. And Independent Voters can now Vote Primary. This means Independent are mayor Players in the all Elections cycles. Save that Money, and just VOTE! When is the "2018 Governor Race", GP7A News did you hear by Marcus Giavanni 2019"." - Marcus Giavanni

2018 Governor: 2018 Colorado Election Race to be Governor 2018 GP7A News

Published Jan 31, 2018 6:57 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | 2018 Governor | Colorado Gubernatorial Elections | Republican Tom Tancredo | Quites | Never Front Runner

"On Jan 31, 2018 the anticipated "Tom Tancredo", Republican "Gubernatorial Candidate" calls it quits. "GP7ANews" steps down, as Governor of Colorado 2018 by Marcus Giavanni"." Tom Tancredo, could not raise enough money. (9News) And according to Google Analytics. Tom Tancredo 3rd time Republican Candidate for Governor. Just did not have any new ideas to help build Colorado's Future.

This is nothing personal. In fact, I ad mire Tom Tancredo just for trying to make a difference. even though, Millennials see him as out dated. With no Internet expertise, no cybersecurity, no website development, or desk top publishing. No type of program, or cause, that Tom Tancredo can build a platform to make everyone’s lives easier. Who lives, Works, and plays in Colorado. "Colorado has been stuck on the Democratic Plantation for almost 50 years. It’s time to go another direction. Colorado could do no worse than Colorado is now"." The Gola is never having to worry about a governor who will not do what he says. And he has expeciens, byond books, or the close he wears.

"Governor Hickenlooper and Lt Governor Donna Lynne As Governor John Hickenlooper, exits the Governor’s Office, and Governor’s Mansion. Governor John Hickenlooper leaves behind $700,000,000 deficit. And his whimsical endorsement of his (Governor John Hickenlooper) Lt Governor Donna Lynne"." Some voter say Governor John Hickenlooper and Lt Governor Donna Lynne. These two have no problem. Being proud owners of a $700,000,000 deficit. And AProved by ruling Party. Colorado can't afford to operate. And the balten disrepet our Mayor of the city and county of Denver has towrds Federal Law. Unfortunityl, for the Governement to get back some of that ingerity. They are going to have to play hard ball. And they are setting it all up. This is not a bad thing, its a fowrad thing.

Who is going make these folks be responsible?  Then you have the Denver Mayor Election 2019. Again, Incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock seeks 3rd term. A third term of Mayor Michael Hancock would be disastrous. To say the least. This is not me saying this this is 100% Google Analytics. And the good news, Denver Voters can save their City Beautiful.

 The next Governor of Colorado 2018 had better embrace the Speer Amendment.  When you look at the binary codes. Mayor Michael Hancock seeking a 3rd term and supports Democrat Cary Kennedy. These two; Mayor Michael Hancock and CEO Cary Kennedy; have something in common with Governor John Hickenlooper.

Mayor Michael Hancock and CEO Cary Kennedy are coming off a 2nd term of $700,000,000 shortfalls 7 years total. That’s $100,000,000 per year folks. The last 10 years you saw a rape on the coffers of the Colorado. This is the top convertions being spoken, aroud Denver, Colroado, and the rest of the world. Trust me. 

The good news, and depending if Denver Citizens, are ready to take back  their government. And share everything with all citizens. Join the Truth Movement Nonpartisan, Nonpolitical city and County of Denver. Not our Mayor Michael Hancock who has been in power for 16 years. And now wants a 3rd term. And he brings nothing to the table but the Democratic Planation plans. Again, this is all voters conversating this way. And only 75,000+ voted for the coronation of incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock. And all his Big Spending ideas, that brought the" city and county of Denver. To the current conversations. And cross hairs, cross roads. The this fork in the road; one on the left is the Same Old Soang and Dance 3rd Term MAyor Michael Hancock and on the right we have Innovation Love and Peace'."

The Internet is moving onto a new era, faster than anything we have ever seen. With digital expansion of all Subject maters being indexed by Google. Even Face book is moving towards a Subject Matter based platform. What do you really know about Google+ and Google My Business.

Do the fake, bias reviews left by haters, or people just trolling Google, Yahoo, Bing, Safari whatever entry point you use, and the equipment needed to get their as fast as you can. Know is the time to move, that movement back to the realization of how Denver is supposed to be operated as a Government. And with Wikipedia, Facebook, LinkedIn, allowing anyone to say anything, about a company or a person or group. It is their constitutional right, I guess to say anything, write anything. And hope it sticks on the entity; one is trying to troll, destroy, and think nobodies watching. Without accountability, without oversite.  Wrong!!!

Colorado Citizen have reached a time, where predictable algorithms; based on conversions being indexed. All over the world. All fighting to be on the first page of Google. The Google Organic All search, is a combination of All Subject matters, in many different formats, or platforms. And those who may not make the grade as to having their content on the first page of Google Organic all search.

You also have Google AdWords, and this is the best advertising you can do for the buck. You can target anyone. And the highest bidder… Wins!!! For those, I got to have it now, millennial Google End users.

To keep it simple Google Developers to day, will shape the future of how Google maps interjects with its end users. Or I should say Google End-user. And the ability to offer a Google End-user the best product and services by Alphabet Inc. And the multitude of different technology companies like Google. All by asking Google Home, or Asking Google Mini, or asking Google Droid.

Ask and you shall receive the best. Remember only 10 spots on Organic All. The real value in Google Images. These images are no what you think. Millennials are the now generation. If you don’t give them what they want. They will elect person that will. Not just any Person. But a person who has lived life and has triumphed over the adversities. Current politicians only talk about. Their bug Money if Family court. But I have faith the elders of the city and county of Denver. Must come to terms. Of who they want to be. Right now, 300,000 Voters vs 75,000 Voters Denver Mayor Elections.

Listen folks, I’m starting to grow roots, and when people don’t want to help themselves. There is nothing anyone can do. We live in a time where yu can see the past pesent and futrue on the internet if you only know how to reado COde, and speak EDOC??? 

I met some strange souls in Denver. And inside the Equitable building. The Cow, Shhhh! - 

 - Marcus Giavanni

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