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GP7A News: Trending news for the "Candidates for Governor of Colorado 2018",  knowing, Governo John Hickenlooper is Termed Out for 2018 Gubernatorial Elections." by "2019 Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni", needing, "2019 Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni", reports from an unaffiliated media news source. About finding, information, projections, Google predictions, analysis, results, debates, forums for the "Colorado Gubernatorial Election in 2018"." Did you hear by Marcus Giavanni. "The 2014 Colorado Gubernatorial Elections; write-in candidate Marcus Giavanni. Decided to run for the 2019 Office of Mayor for the City and County of Denver, Colorado 80202-3580.  (Though, some viewed this as, a way for Marcus Giavanni to Pimp, his businesses, according to Mandy Connell of the "Mandy Connell Show Interviews". Mandy Connell, and her Mandy Connell Show was on KHOW. Finding out that Mandy Connell, and her talk radio show of conservative views. Mandy Connell will attack others, and try to lure them in to embarrass, or bully up, on Democrat or opposing candidates. To whom, Mandy Connell supported for the candidate for Governor of Colorado in 2104"." Others, however, viewed it as a joke, and talked bad behind, Marcus Giavanni's back. People like to confess their sins to Marcus Giavanni. A onetime FBI agent said "I wish I had that talent, Giavanni. That’s rare in deed”.” What most of these people can’t figure, is how. They can raise millions of Dollars, and they can't beat Marcus Giavanni. Who can get things done on Google for Free! It's all about the Search, my friends.  Did you hear...Marcus Giavanni doing work nobody can see, accept on Google Searches. #TapTheVote -Marcus Giavanni

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GP7A News: Mickey Langston Youtube Published 5.2.2017 by GP7A News

GP7A News: Mickey Langston was able to assertain the Denver Decides Video to up load to her YouTube channel. Denver Decide did not return request from 2015 candidate Marcus Giavanni.

GP7A News: When during the 2015 Denver Mayoral Elections. There were no Denver Mayoral Debates of Fourms. Like there was for Denver Auditor, Denver Clerk and Recorder, 2, Denver City Council at large, and Denver City Council for all 11 districts. Voters wanted to see a Mayoral Debate. League of Women Voters, Denver Decides, all said no!

GP7A News: The next election will be the Coordinated Election on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. For the State of Colorado. When is the 2018 Govenor of Colorado Elections, will be held on November 6, 2018. When is the next Denver Mayoral Election, will be held on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. 

GP7A News: What about Recreational Marijuana. How does a schedul ed 1 controlled substance. Marijuana is viewd as worse, as Heroin, and LSD. How about the Medical Recreation Industry. And the ligitimacy of Medical Marijuana, vs Recreational Marijua use. 

Our current Governor John Hiskenlooper, believs, based on a singel conversation. That Governor Hickenlooper had with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  About the banning of RMj or the ban on Recreatioanl Marijuana. 

GP7A News: What is Google Cloud Prediction, and when does Google Cloud Prediction, and how does Google Cloud Prediction work in our everyday lives, and business. Where can you find Google Cloud Predition at work.

These are the questions that only a few people know. And Marcus Giavanni is one of them. Though, there is a lot to learn. Marcus Giavanni, started this conversation in 2014. When he was a write in canddiate for the 2014 Colorado Gubernatorial Elections.

You have to understand, when none of the top canddiates for Governor of Colorado. Would not speak to Marcus giavanni, about his evidance of his civil rights being violated, and his children civil rights have been violated.

Marcus Giavanni had to run forColorado's Governor in 2014. To bring to the attention of the mass voters. Just what the hell is going on in the city and county of Denver.

GP7A News: 2019 Panasonic Governor Published 5.2.2019 by GP7A News

GP7A News: What will the 2018 Gubernatorial candidates know about Smart City Technology. Besides what their handlers tell them.

GP7A News has developed Google Advance Algorithms, and Google+ Truth Alorithms, and Knowledge Based Trust.

These 2018 Candidates for Governor will not be able to pay their way to be the next 2018 Governor of Colorado.

GP7A News:

What is the Federal Tort Claims Act. Who can really sue the United States Government. Why would you sue the United States Government? How did the alleged actions of the United States government effect your life. your loved one's lives. Your friends lives. Your neighbor's lives. And most important, the lives of people you don't know at all.

 This book is dedicated to Robert Neal Marque. Who took Marcus Giavanni’s twin daughters.

Robert Neal Marque, and Denis Marque were warned of the children’s mother.

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GP7A News: Who Marcus Giavanni is not running in the 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial Elections. What Marcus giavanni is doing, running for 2019 Mayor the city and county of Denver, Co 80203-3580. However, Marcus Giavanni, and his Google Authority to submitt verified content. Will do just that. #TaptheVote Marcus Giavanni doing work nobody can see, except on Google Searches .

All You candidates will never raise enough money, to out rank me, on Google, Period!

I haven't even started...-Marcus Giavanni

 Their response…” If you come around we will call the police. And tell them. You threatened us. They will believe us, over you.

The twins Caterina, and Devon, are no longer your children. They belong to the Marque Family”. Robert Neal Marque committed suicide in 2002.  Robert Marque's father, Denis Marque died in 2013. Marcus Giavanni has not seen his twin daughters since 1994.

They have no desire to meet their father. They don’t know him. They only know Robert Marque, as their father. As for Connie Marque…Your worthless! And you can never rid the love, from my heart, for my Twin Angels from Heaven.  To the city and county of Denver, colorado 80202-3580. You tried to take my current 3 children. Now you all know why. I'm running for Mayor. You all tried to take my children. You all made me pay child support 3 times, put me in jail 3 times.  Magistrate Karen Hubler..the epitome of slipery. You have personally violated my civil rights, and my childrens civil rights. As well as all the deparments in the city and county. Who helped destroy our lives. We're coming to take back our Governement.

Marcus Giavanni has a new book: The Calm Before The Storm 2018.  -Marcus Giavanni, Candidate for the Office of Mayor for the city and county of Denver, Colorado 80202-3580. Innovation Love and Peace... Want Some!


Where to buy the book only authorized seller is Google Books, period. Google Books, nor Publisher, or the Author. Don not approve Amazon Books. The listing is fraudulent. We will never sell our EBook accept by Google Books. To buy a hard copy of this beautiful book. Remember, this is the first edition book. Second Edition is coming.  Get a Direct from the Author, signed, and autographed. For the full listed price of $49.00 we pay the tax, and shipping this book weighs 8 lbs. 8.5 v 11.5. The entire book was designed by Marcus Giavanni. A guy with no high school diploma, a fluke of society. Marcus Giavanni’s ability to Triumph over many adversities. That leave most normal people, scratching their heads, saying. Oh my!”.  

GP7A News: Who, Corey Hutchins, What ex-Congressman Bob Beaupres, Why, Judge says ex-congressman Bob beauprez must pay $17,000 in Campaign Finance Fines. What would have happen if Bob Beauprez Building a Stronger Colorado. Colorado Independent.

Matt Arnold lead the charges, against Bob Baueprez. Dark money, campaighn foiance. If people would pay inot payimg attention. They would not have to donate large somes of money to by the estblishment. Their Identity. Matt arold is like apit bull. Once he sinks his teeth into you. YOu feel it for sure. Many Voters have the same feelings'. As, Matt Arnold. The real question is, what if Bob Beauprez was Governor of Colorado. We he have put Colorado in Jepardy. Like Mayor Michael B. Hancock and the Orcle Fines. What nobody reads anymore. To busy, being grammar cops, on spelling bee patrol. -Marcus Giavanni

Federal Tort Claims Act

Published May 3, 2019 by Marcus Giavanni | United States | Federal Tort Claims Act | Dan Maynard | Attorney | Government Offer | $10,000 Offer |  9th Circuit Courts of Appeal Denied | Rule 56 | Facts | Criminal Complaint | FBI Surveillance Logs | 302 Files | Witness Interviews | FBI 12 hour interrogations | Marc Kaplan | Criminal Complaint | Ruined Innocent Man's Life | Suicide |  Robert Marque | RIP

City and County of Denver, 1998 Nelson vs U.S.A Google Books #tapthevote Shhhh! 


The FTCA provides a limited waiver of the federal government's sovereign immunity when its employees are negligent within the scope of their employment. Under the FTCA, the government can only be sued 'under circumstances where the United States, if a private person, would be liable to the claimant in accordance with the law of the place where the act or omission occurred.' 28 U.S.C. S 1346(b). Thus, the FTCA does not apply to conduct that is uniquely governmental, that is, incapable of performance by a private individual.


28 U.S.C. S 2680(h) provides that the government is not liable when any of its agents commits the torts of assault, battery, false imprisonment, false arrest, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, libel, slander, misrepresentation, deceit, or interference with contract rights. However, it also provides an exception. The government is liable if a law enforcement officer commits assault, battery, false imprisonment, false arrest, abuse of process, or malicious prosecution. The government is not liable if the claim against law enforcement officers is for libel, slander, misrepresentation, deceit, or interference with contract. Congress has not waived the government's sovereign immunity against all law enforcement acts or omissions.

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GP7A News: Colorado Gubernatorial Election 2018

Published 5.17.2017 by Marcus Giavanni | Governor News | Colorado Gubernatorial Elections 2018 | Frontrunner | Geroge Brauchler | Ed Perlmutter


GP7A News: The Establishment Laughed, and Disregared Marcus Giavanni 

Published May 3, 2019 by Marcus Giavanni | 2014 Colorado Gubernatorial Elections | Wake Up Colorado Voters | Power Grab | Take Back Colorado | Future Denver

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GP7A News:

Judge Says ex-Congressman Bob Beauprez’s Group

Must Pay $17,000 in Campaign Finance Fines

 Published by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado Independent | Corey Hutchins | ex-Congressman | Bob Beauprez | 2017

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GP7A News: When the Establishment laughed, and disregarded Marcus Giavanni. And disregarded others like Marcus Giavanni. WHom have a same tale of woes. by the hands of publica offcials. And their departments, and pissed off. Department heands, and supervisors, with in the city and county of Denver, Colorado 80202-3580.  Marcus Giavanni decided to look for a professional campaign advisors. Only to find out, these people are only for those who, are part of Denver's Monopoly Government. Since 1963.

What 2014 Governor of Colorado Candidates listen to Marcus Giavanni. None! The big loosers, Stronger Colorado Bob Beauprez in fact, all the candidates, (but one) were not as, they seemed, and Marcus Giavanni called them out. They got scared,. Marcus Giavanni went to work behind the scenes. To make sure the current Governor Hickenlooper, was the ultimate winner. Did you hear by Marcus Giavanni about Bob Beauprez, who? Bob Beauprez, the 2014 candidate for Governor of Colorado. Can you imagine, if Bob Beauprz was Governor of Colorado. Right now?

Marcus Giavanni did not want to pick a fight with the GOP. But when he heard them all say. They were different. When in fact..every singel candidate who ran for Governor of Colraod in 2014. Got what they deserved. The only candidate that actuall talked with Marcus Giavnni, and understaood Marcus Giavanni's plight. Green Party Harry Hempy. All the rest of the 2014 Candidates for Governor of Colorado...Sucked! Ya'herd me! -Marcus Giavanni

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GP7A News: Saying Goodbye to Governor Hickelopper Welcome New Governor 

Published May 17, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni | Governor John Hickenlooper | Termed Out | 2018 Gubernatorail Elections | Republicans vs Democrat

GP7A News" What, "2018 Governor of Colorado" reports from "GP7A News announces Say Say Goodbye 2019 Who Governor John Hickenlooper. When is the "2018 elections", when, Tuesday, November 6, 2018, to elect Governor for Colorado Gubernatorial elections for 2018"." Marcus Giavanni asks; Who will govern our Colorado, and will our Governor, tell the truth about the 1913 law of Nonpartisan Government. And public denouncement for any and all party affiliations. This would include but not limited to ... party affiliation organizations. Bye ... Governor Hickenlooper, in 2019, will be passing on the torch. To forerunners replacing Governor John Hickenlooper for Governor of Colorado, in 2018 Elections"." Colorado Law: Governor has reached, term limits. Governor John Hickenlooper can't run for "Governor of Colorado". "Politics 2018 GOV Say Goodbye 2019 to Governor John Hickenlooper Beer by Marcus Giavanni ... Did your hear by Marcus Giavanni, #TaptheVote, Tap the vote, where, Denver Post Auditorium"." -Marcus Giavanni

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GP7A News: City and County of Denver Mayor for Marcus Giavanni, Denver, Co 80202

Published May 18, 2017 6:14 Am by Marcus Giavanni | Gubernatorial Elections 2018 | Mayoal Elections 2018 | Power Back to People | Eyes Wide Open

GP7A News: Trending, City and County of Denver Mayor. For Marcus Giavanni running for Denver Mayor in 2019. In Denver, Colorado 80202-3580. GP7A News; published on May 18, 2017 at 6:13 Am by Marcus Giavanni. Will the City and county of Denver, Co 80202. Open their eyes to what's happing to some of their citizens. Especillay full time single fathers, trying to explaen the importance of the "Denver Mayor election 2019"." And the "Gubernatorial Elections 2018". Colorado Voters 1st, need to get their capital city and county of Denver, straight!  And look to Colorado's future. And how Colorado Voters are going to shape their conversations. To Innovation, Love, and Peace. Voter's see the patterns, Voters' see democracy has been taken over by a monopoly, better know as. the Democratic Party. Where everyone, that's anyone. Helping the Democratic Party. To establish their FUTURE, with their opertives, getting city and county of Denver contracts, and high positins in over 700 deparments that operatives the city and county of Denver, Co 80202.  Jobs. Power Back to People | Eyes Wide Open Voters.

-Marcus Giavanni

America...We Are Losing Our Civility

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GP7A News: Marcus Giavanni 2015 Mayoral Candidate
Published May 2, 2017 by  GP7A News | Marcus Giavanni | Denver Mayoral Elections 2015 | Coranation \ Myor Michael Hancock


"GP7A News: Knowing Marcus Giavanni for Mayor of Denver 2015. Marcus Giavanni's advocacy work started in 2007. And continues to this day. Marcus Giavanni was caught in a trap of losing his children. Just like, when he lost his twin daughters in 1993. In a child custody case. Where the Attorneys got paid. Marcus Giavanni lost his twin daughters. And no matter how hard an unwed father. tries to look for his children After the mother bailed. The Arizona law in 1993. "No matter how hard an unwed father looks for his children. He did not try hard enough. In the coming months, there will be evidence. Supporting other Attorneys claims. That Marcus Giavanni's civil right were violated, as well. As his 3 children. To which Marcus Giavanni as of April 5, 2014. Has been a single father of his three children, Battling the city and county of Denver. city and county of Denver's Attorney Office, (Stott Martinez, you’re a clown!) Denver Health and Human Services. Denver Child Support Unit, Family Support Services, etc. My day of reckoning is coming to the city and county of Denver. For on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 the city and county of Denver. will end this Monopoly. And these dummies, won't know what hit them. For Marcus Giavanni needs no media. To tell His story, or ruin Marcus Giavanni life. For Marcus Giavanni died in 1992! Fox news is a sh*t stirrer of news. All other news is entertainment, reality TV Bias, Fake News. Although, CBS Denver is slowing going nonpartisan. That's were the money is ...folks!

 The above video. is part of the Denver Decides series. On helping candidates get their message out to the community. But, if it was truly that easy. Marcus Giavanni has emails from various departments. And tried to get a video file. Like they were giving to other candidates. (See Micky Langston’s Candidate Video.  a lot nicer, clear. Not like the boot leg of Marcus Giavanni.). She posted her file on her YouTube Account. But they would never respond. And Marcus Giavanni knew, if he would go down there. They would view him as hostile, and call the police. Because this has happened before to Marcus Giavanni. Cowards have away with calling police. When they get called out on their lies, and deception. Period!

 Most candidates must take what they can get. Due to lack of money for adverting. Or the media, not willing to talk about candidates. Unless it's their candidate. helping destroy the other, with fake, false narratives, and supporting habitual offenders. of filing false charges on people. With the help of Magistrate Karen Hubler, and Supreme Court Judge Hood!

 We know it's hard for normal people to comprehend such actions by an entire elections process. If you look back at every election. All the candidate’s information is gone. Including the 2011 Denver Mayoral elections. Where then Candidate Marcus Giavanni for Mayor in 2011. Ballots were deemed insufficient. -Marcus Giavanni

GP7A News: 2018 Governor of Colorado Candidates by 2019 Mayoral CAN Marcus Giavanni

Published May 1, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A | 2018 Gubernatorial Race | Colorado Elections | 2018 Candidates | Democratic |Republican | Independent | Libertarian | Green Party | Historic Election Years | 2018 | 2019 | Voter's Minds | Wide Open

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Trending News: About what, 2018 Governors 2018Governor2018.Com

Published 5.24.2017 4:52 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Gubernatorial Election 2018 | 36 States | Candidates for Governor | Election Date 11 06 2017

GP7A News: Where, in 36 States, for their states "Gubernatorial Elections 2018"." Question: When is the Governor's election? Answer: The "2018 Gubernatorial Elections to fill in ballots is Tuesday, November 6, 2018"."

#TaptheVote -Marcus Giavanni